I’ve had a blog for a while now, but decided this year to set myself a photo challenge for 2019. I was massively influenced by Todd Gipstein’s wonderful 1 Mile, 1 Year, 1 Lens video presentation, and although I’m not in the same league as him, I liked the idea of a very simple objective that I could work on through the year.



I’d tried a ‘365’ project before, but never kept it up for more than a few days, and resolved to do better… And so, since 1st January 2019, I’ve taken a photo every single day and posted it in this blog. A few photos have been taken on a ‘real’ camera, but the majority are smartphone photos – after all I carry it most of the time, and the quality is plenty good enough, even if it doesn’t have the sophistication of a full size digital camera. I thought about just shooting in mono, but with so many colourful scenes around here, I went for a mix. Some photos have been ‘tweaked’ in Lightroom Mobile, but all have been finished in Snapseed to add the border and frame – I wanted a consistent look throughout.

If I get to finish the project (and I’m still going as I update this page in September)  I’m thinking about producing a video/slideshow presentation of some or all of the images. Just another 100 or so days to go! And then what to do as a project in 2020? – answers on a postcard please…