Day 365 – That’s All Folks…!

So that’s it – a whole year of photographs, a photo taken every single day of the last year and posted here. Mostly I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, certainly something I didn’t think I would be able to see through. Tough at times, especially those days when I realised late on that I hadn’t taken a photo all day and needed to improvise. And then other days when it was difficult to choose between several really interesting shots. I have to say I’m glad it’s done now, and I won’t be taking on the same project next year! So to finish, here’s a selfie……… Anyway, Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020.

Selfie – iPhone

Day 364 – New Car Day…!

Yep, old car due to go back shortly, and the replacement has arrived! Interesting to see how the latest model of the Audi Q3 has changed since our (old) 2017 model. I actually asked them to forget the ‘theatre’ where they pull the covering sheet off the car, but still they did it…

New car handover – iPhone

Day 363 – Look Up…!

I wasn’t planning on a sunset photo today, and indeed it’s been mostly cloudy all day anyway. But then, just as our Christmas visitors were leaving, the setting sun lit up the underside of the broken clouds in spectacular fashion. Rather than walk to my usual spot up the road and risk missing the best of the light, I just took this photo of the cow silhouette through the garden fence. Moments later the colour had gone from the sky…

Peatswood sunset – iPhone

Day 362 – Days Are Numbered…

These two chocolate Santas on our Christmas tree are definitely on borrowed time – several of the other edible tree decorations have mysteriously disappeared while we have had visitors here over the last few days, and the rest will no doubt be eaten when the tree comes down early in January.

Tree decorations – iPhone

Day 361 – Air Force One…

No, not the aircraft, but my wife’s new trainers – a Christmas gift from our son. Weirdly both she and her very much younger granddaughter asked for these same trainers at Christmas – and were both delighted to receive them!

Air Force One trainers – iPhone

Day 360 – Age Is Just A Number…

Our son works for that well-known Danish toy manufacturer, and for his birthday on Boxing Day each year uses bricks to signify how old he is… Today he was elsewhere, without access to his usual stash of bricks, so asked me to create it for him. I quite like the high/key mono look..

LEGO – iPhone

Day 359 – Where’s Everyone…?

On our way back from our daughter’s house today, I noticed that our local supermarket was completely deserted. Of course it’s Christmas Day and it’s one of only two days a year when it closes (the other day is Easter Day). It’s usually such a hive of activity it was quite a surprise to see the car park completely empty!

Supermarket (closed!) – iPhone

Day 358 – Worth Waiting For…

We don’t drink dessert wine very often at all – not that we don’t enjoy it, just that the occasion never seems to demand it. Anyway, we had a very quiet pre-Christmas dinner tonight at home, and just fancied something sweet at the end. Out of the fridge came this bottle of 2004 Montbazillac which I remembered buying in Hompes in France in the late 2000s when we used to spend a lot of time there. It came back from France when we sold our house there last year and cleared the cellar out. Despite its age, and the mileage it has traveled, it still tasted pretty good!

Vintage wine – iPhone

Day 357 – Elf…

Something of a ‘new found’ tradition is the Christmas Elf, and most families with kids seem to have one that visits each year. Apparently their job is to check up on the kids in the family and advise Santa who should be on the ‘nice’ list and therefore get super presents, but sadly the Elf always seems to be getting into trouble. Just look at what we came down to today…

Chippy, the Elf – iPhone