Here we go – 2019 beckons…

Well, it’s almost 2019, and I figure a photo project is in order for the New Year. My plan (and as they say, ‘the best laid plans….’ and all that) is to start a 365 project – ie post a new photograph every single day.

BC726AC1-89A3-4E44-B571-4B0930A21385Hopefully I will actually photograph something interesting each day, and at least to start, I’m planning on concentrating on monochrome photos. Let’s see how it goes – if you have any comments or suggestions, please do chip in.

Let’s kick off with a New Year’s Eve photo – this spot is on our daily walk, and we call it ‘The 39 Steps’ – it is indeed 39 steps up to the canal bank from the road that runs under the aqueduct, and it’s a pretty steep climb!

Happy New Year!


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