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Day 50 – Lean, Clean, Machine…

The upside of getting the car serviced is that they also do a reasonable valet job on it – it’s cleaner just now than for quite a while. Country roads, farm traffic and lots of wet weather at this time of the year means it won’t stay clean for long though!

Audi TT – iPhone XR

Day 49 – Our Little ‘Monkey’…

Met up with our 10 year old granddaughter today. Good opportunity to catch up after our week away, and also to try out the Moment 58mm iPhone lens converter in portrait mode. Love the perspective a ‘longer’ lens gives, and of course the ability of the iPhone XR to ‘adjust ‘ the effective depth of focus after the event.

Daisy-Mae – iPhone XR & 58mm converter lens

Day 48 – Is It Still Winter…?

The rather cooler weather now we are back in England came as a bit of a shock after our glorious week in Gran Canaria ☀️☀️. However, the crocuses in the garden obviously reckon that Spring is on the way… A chance too to try the new 58mm lens converter for my phone.

Crocuses – iPhone XR & 58mm Moment lens.

Day 46 – Everything Comes…

… to him who waits. So the sunsets every night of our holiday so far have been pretty rubbish – well, that is, with absolutely no cloud in the sky, the sun has just slipped away leaving just a faint glow – no drama at all. With some intermittent cloud today (our last day), it looked more promising so off I set to the lighthouse at Maspalomas to see what was in store… And boy, did it deliver! This is just an iPhone shot – hopefully I’ll have better still when I get to look at my Sony A7iii images on the computer. But for now, I’m happy…

Maspalomas Lighthouse – iPhone XR

Day 45 – ‘Piering’ Out To Sea…

Not much of a pier in truth, just an old concrete jetty by the lighthouse at Maspalomas. There are archeological ruins nearby of an aboriginal settlement dating back some 1000 years, but the area is dominated by the Maspalomas Sand Dunes, and numerous holiday hotels.

Concrete pier, Maspalomas – iPhone XR

Day 44 – Someone’s Got To Do It…

There’s no guarantee of warm weather and sunshine in the Canary Islands in February, but we hoped for temperatures in the low 20s, with at least some sunshine. Our expectations have been somewhat exceeded, with wall to wall sunshine all week, and as you see, the temperature peaked at an impressive 34°C this afternoon. So warm in fact that we had to seek shelter (in the bar of course!)

Summer sun, Meloneras – iPhone XR