Day 231 – Work In Progress…

I spent the afternoon building some new steps in the garden to replace some that had rotted away. Serious construction work with the structure made from 8”x 2” timber. Thank goodness for some decent power tools! Just an hour or so I reckon tomorrow to finish it off …

Garden steps- iPhone XR

Here we go – 2019 beckons…

Well, it’s almost 2019, and I figure a photo project is in order for the New Year. My plan (and as they say, ‘the best laid plans….’ and all that) is to start a 365 project – ie post a new photograph every single day.

BC726AC1-89A3-4E44-B571-4B0930A21385Hopefully I will actually photograph something interesting each day, and at least to start, I’m planning on concentrating on monochrome photos. Let’s see how it goes – if you have any comments or suggestions, please do chip in.

Let’s kick off with a New Year’s Eve photo – this spot is on our daily walk, and we call it ‘The 39 Steps’ – it is indeed 39 steps up to the canal bank from the road that runs under the aqueduct, and it’s a pretty steep climb!

Happy New Year!