Day 234 – Drink, Anyone…?

As part of a larger tidy-up project we are doing at home, I tidied and sorted our drinks cupboard out. Having reduced the number of different gin bottles I had from a rather excessive 35 down to just over 20 I was able to get them, and my modest whisky collection, all in one cupboard. And I came across a few I had forgotten about!

My Gin And Whisky Collection – iPhone XR

Day 181 – 1608 And All That…

So they told us today on the Bushmills Whisky Tour that the distillery was granted it’s first license back in 1608, so over 400 years of continuous production. Whether or not it’s true, it was a great tour and I’ve a bottle of fine malt to take home…

Visitor Centre bar at Bushmills – iPhone XR