Day 286 – Let’s Celebrate…

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday, and as usual she received a fair few cards from friends and family. There does seem to be a bit of a theme to the cards – around half of them refer to either gin, wine or prosecco. They certainly know her!!!

Birthday cards – iPhone

Day 256 – Bottoms Up…!

Somehow I got talked into hosting a gin and cocktail evening for some of my wife’s friends… Not wanting to disappoint them, I had all the ingredients and gear set out well in advance. I’m no Tom Cruise, but I can make a mean Pornstar Martini!

Cocktail Corner – iPhone XR

Day 234 – Drink, Anyone…?

As part of a larger tidy-up project we are doing at home, I tidied and sorted our drinks cupboard out. Having reduced the number of different gin bottles I had from a rather excessive 35 down to just over 20 I was able to get them, and my modest whisky collection, all in one cupboard. And I came across a few I had forgotten about!

My Gin And Whisky Collection – iPhone XR

Day 166 – Duck or Grouse…

I love great food, and tonight’s dinner at The Hinds Head was no exception. A small family run pub/restaurant where everything is cooked to order – no pre-prepared catering here! And a bonus – there’s been a Gin Festival on in the village, and the pub has a better than usual range available, with special prices for doubles. What’s not to like!

Duck with Hoi Sin Croquettes – iPhone XR