Day 332 – The Sign Of The Cat…

I’m not a great fan of Black Friday offers – so many are not genuinely new or low offers, but couldn’t resist this bottle of Wildcat Gin. I’d been considering buying it for several weeks at its usual £30 price, so it was a no-brainer at £20. And it didn’t disappoint…!

Wildcat Gin – iPhone

Day 320 – Bring It On…

Just what we need for our Christmas tree – baubles filled with gin! But isn’t there a problem with that? – surely we will want to drink the gin well before 12th night, when the Christmas decorations come down? Indeed, would the baubles even last on the tree until Christmas? lol

Gin filled baubles – iPhone

Day 316 – Stirring It Up…

It’s become a tradition in our house that we make chutney every year just before Christmas. We enjoy it with cold meat and cheese, but it makes a welcome home-made gift for friends. We also make flavoured vodka and gin, but that’s another story…

Christmas Chutney – iPhone

Day 286 – Let’s Celebrate…

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday, and as usual she received a fair few cards from friends and family. There does seem to be a bit of a theme to the cards – around half of them refer to either gin, wine or prosecco. They certainly know her!!!

Birthday cards – iPhone

Day 256 – Bottoms Up…!

Somehow I got talked into hosting a gin and cocktail evening for some of my wife’s friends… Not wanting to disappoint them, I had all the ingredients and gear set out well in advance. I’m no Tom Cruise, but I can make a mean Pornstar Martini!

Cocktail Corner – iPhone XR

Day 234 – Drink, Anyone…?

As part of a larger tidy-up project we are doing at home, I tidied and sorted our drinks cupboard out. Having reduced the number of different gin bottles I had from a rather excessive 35 down to just over 20 I was able to get them, and my modest whisky collection, all in one cupboard. And I came across a few I had forgotten about!

My Gin And Whisky Collection – iPhone XR

Day 166 – Duck or Grouse…

I love great food, and tonight’s dinner at The Hinds Head was no exception. A small family run pub/restaurant where everything is cooked to order – no pre-prepared catering here! And a bonus – there’s been a Gin Festival on in the village, and the pub has a better than usual range available, with special prices for doubles. What’s not to like!

Duck with Hoi Sin Croquettes – iPhone XR