Day 353 – More Rain…!

Already, this month is heading for being one of the wettest Decembers on record in the UK, and today was another grim day. It pretty much rained all day, and although there has been no flooding around here, there was plenty of surface water to make driving difficult. A slow motion app on my phone allowed me to catch the ripples from the rain.

Raindrops and puddles – iPhone

Day 263 – Autumn Leaves…

There’s a definite chill in the air these mornings, even when we are fortunate enough to get sunshine later, and the leaves have started to change colour already. I don’t mind the autumn (fall), but not looking forward to winter!

Autumn Leaves – iPhone XR

Day 74 – Full Steam Ahead…

One of my winter ‘evening’ projects this year is to build a small model railway. I’d made a half-hearted attempt to build one previously, but it didn’t really work out… The challenge this year is to build a completely portable layout, so this one measures just 50cm x 50cm. It means that realism is somewhat compromised, but it’s still possible (just) to have a continuous track, with a couple of sidings.

009 gauge layout – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm

Day 71 – What A Difference…

… a day makes. Yesterday was chilly, but with blue skies and bright sunshine, very much a spring day. Today however is even colder, the sky is dull grey, and it’s raining pretty hard just now. Those hardy souls venturing out are all carrying umbrellas. Feels more like November than March!

Cheshire Street, Market Drayton – iPhone XR

Day 48 – Is It Still Winter…?

The rather cooler weather now we are back in England came as a bit of a shock after our glorious week in Gran Canaria ☀️☀️. However, the crocuses in the garden obviously reckon that Spring is on the way… A chance too to try the new 58mm lens converter for my phone.

Crocuses – iPhone XR & 58mm Moment lens.

Day 44 – Someone’s Got To Do It…

There’s no guarantee of warm weather and sunshine in the Canary Islands in February, but we hoped for temperatures in the low 20s, with at least some sunshine. Our expectations have been somewhat exceeded, with wall to wall sunshine all week, and as you see, the temperature peaked at an impressive 34°C this afternoon. So warm in fact that we had to seek shelter (in the bar of course!)

Summer sun, Meloneras – iPhone XR

Day 40 – Escape To The Sun…

Well, our winter sun holiday is upon us – an early start and a drive through some pretty ferocious winds (Storm Erik apparently) saw us in the lounge at Manchester airport for long enough for a quick drink before boarding. Gran Canaria here we come!

Prosecco, Manchester Airport – iPhone XR

Day 36 – Tennis anyone…?

The hardy folks around here play tennis outdoors all year round. With three all weather courts, they even play through the winter, just as long as the playing surface isn’t too icy. This morning it was just 3.5°C, but the ladies were out there practicing as usual…

MD Tennis Club – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 30 – After The Snow…

… came the sunshine. This morning’s short, sharp fall of snow caught everyone out around here – it looked like we had missed the snow that blanketed most of the UK yesterday, but it was not to be. Anyway, it didn’t last long; the sun came out and by midday it was mostly gone. Whether we get more remains to be seen…

Snowy cemetery- iPhone XR