Day 292 – Casting Some Light…

At our local doctor’s today for my annual flu injection, I was taken by this glass window feature. High up in the side wall of the surgery it allows a soft light to fall on patients below. A monochrome treatment renders it as an abstract pattern.

Window, doctor’s surgery – iPhone

Day 290 – Look Up…!

Surprising what details you see when you look around – this is the side of our local Argos store. I’ve never really noticed the detailing as it’s high up on the wall. Not sure of the significance of the pattern – probably just a random scattering of the discs.

Wall features – iPhone

Day 274 – Needs TLC…

I’m always amazed at how some properties are just left abandoned and deteriorating for years on end, especially if they are in a fairly desirable location. This old house is in the centre of Whitchurch, close to the church and shops. Fancy a renovation project anyone?

Derelict house, Whitchurch – iPhone 11Pro

Day 263 – Autumn Leaves…

There’s a definite chill in the air these mornings, even when we are fortunate enough to get sunshine later, and the leaves have started to change colour already. I don’t mind the autumn (fall), but not looking forward to winter!

Autumn Leaves – iPhone XR

Day 262 – Player Of The Match…

Although Daisy is only 10 years old, she’s super keen on all things sporty and was delighted to be chosen for the school soccer team. It was their first competitive match, and although they played a more experienced team, managed a creditable 1:1 draw. Daisy had a good game!

Happy but tired – iPhone XR

Day 260 – Business Opportunity…?

When we moved to the area a few years ago, The Countess’s Arms was a lively and successful pub/restaurant. A change of ownership apparently lead to its demise, and it’s been closed and abandoned for almost 10 years now. There were suggestions it might be refurbished and open again, but a serious fire a couple of months ago looks to have put paid to that…

The Countess’s Arms – iPhone XR