Day 96 – Looking Back…

Interesting day today at the Black Country Museum. A group photo shoot with some Victorian ‘re-enactors’ meant lots of period style photos were possible. I have hundreds of shots to go through, but this is an early favourite

Re-enactor, Black Country Museum – Sony A7iii & 85mm f1.8

Day 91 – Purple Is The Colour…

These beautiful plants in our garden are Muscari – also known (not surprisingly) as Grape Hyacinths, although they are not actually hyacinths at all. Planted a couple of years ago as bulbs, they have naturalised and spread, and make a colourful display through the spring.

Grape hyacinths (muscari) – Sony A7iii and 24-10mm

Day 90 – You Looking At Me…?

The fields around our house are home to around 700 Freisian dairy cattle. Their main diet is grass, but as well as maize, the farmer also grows ‘winter beet’, and the cows get to eat it through the spring until there is enough grass for them to graze. Whenever I wander up the garden, they always take an interest…

Inquisitive cows, Peatswood – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm

Day 77 – Colour On A Dreary Day…

I hate the fact that the garden is usually so dreary during the winter months, with all the herbaceous plants dying back, and few shrubs keeping their leaves. So this year I planted up some pots and containers with plants and bulbs to show colour all through the winter. I’ve arranged these such that they can then be replanted for the summer… What’s not to like!

Planter – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm

Day 74 – Full Steam Ahead…

One of my winter ‘evening’ projects this year is to build a small model railway. I’d made a half-hearted attempt to build one previously, but it didn’t really work out… The challenge this year is to build a completely portable layout, so this one measures just 50cm x 50cm. It means that realism is somewhat compromised, but it’s still possible (just) to have a continuous track, with a couple of sidings.

009 gauge layout – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm

Day 63 – Threatening Skies…

Today’s plan was to get some jobs done in the garden, but the weather had other ideas… Several times I went outside, got set up with tools etc, only to have to beat a hasty retreat when the heavens opened. The changeable weather did however yield an interesting sky. This was the view from the top of our garden.

Farmland, Peatswood – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm
Farmland, Peatswood – iPhone XR