Day 359 – Where’s Everyone…?

On our way back from our daughter’s house today, I noticed that our local supermarket was completely deserted. Of course it’s Christmas Day and it’s one of only two days a year when it closes (the other day is Easter Day). It’s usually such a hive of activity it was quite a surprise to see the car park completely empty!

Supermarket (closed!) – iPhone

Day 353 – More Rain…!

Already, this month is heading for being one of the wettest Decembers on record in the UK, and today was another grim day. It pretty much rained all day, and although there has been no flooding around here, there was plenty of surface water to make driving difficult. A slow motion app on my phone allowed me to catch the ripples from the rain.

Raindrops and puddles – iPhone

Day 342 – Christmas Message…

I’m not often seen inside a church, but the Christmas Carol Service in the local parish church is not to be missed. Full of families with kids, lots of carols, and mince pies and mulled wine afterwards. This simple tree decoration makes a powerful image…

Christ Church, Market Drayton – iPhone

Day 333 – The Monks…

This is a detail in our local pub – The Red Lion. The owners commissioned an artist to paint portraits of eight of the craftsmen who had been involved in building the new brew house, but in the guise of ‘monks’. These amazing portraits were then reproduced on the oak panelling around the walls of the old bar area.

Old Masters – iPhone

Day 322 – A Chilly Start…

After several weeks of persistent wet weather, a clear spell yesterday meant a really cold start to today, with mist and a ground frost. With fields all around us, it took only a moment to find a spot to shoot the early morning light.

Peatswood, Market Drayton – iPhone