Day 131 – Colours Of The Rainbow

So, a quick long exposure sunset shot, down by the harbour wall in Porthleven. An opportunity to try out my ‘lightweight’ kit of Sony A6300 and 16-70mm lens. Seems pretty decent.

Sunset, Porthleven – Sony A6300 & 16-70mm

Day 119 – A Step Too Far …

Pushing the sliders all the way in Lightroom shows what can (and probably shouldn’t) be done with images – I prefer a more natural look.

Taking it too far – original from Sony A7iii

Day 61 – The Three Graces…

Not the statue by Antonio Canova, but the three iconic buildings that dominate the Pier Head in Liverpool, and represent the maritime history that the city is famous for. Three merged long exposure shots taken on my Sony camera rather than my ‘usual’ iPhone setup.

The Three Graces, Liverpool – Sony A7iii (HDR)

Day 49 – Our Little ‘Monkey’…

Met up with our 10 year old granddaughter today. Good opportunity to catch up after our week away, and also to try out the Moment 58mm iPhone lens converter in portrait mode. Love the perspective a ‘longer’ lens gives, and of course the ability of the iPhone XR to ‘adjust ‘ the effective depth of focus after the event.

Daisy-Mae – iPhone XR & 58mm converter lens

Day 21 – Final Resting Place…

After a cloudy start to the morning, things brightened up as I drove through town, so I figured I could find some interesting detail in the local graveyard to set against the colourful sky. The wide angle (18mm) lens fitted to the iPhone allows for a more dramatic perspective.

Cemetery, Market Drayton – iPhone XR & Moment w/a