Day 290 – Look Up…!

Surprising what details you see when you look around – this is the side of our local Argos store. I’ve never really noticed the detailing as it’s high up on the wall. Not sure of the significance of the pattern – probably just a random scattering of the discs.

Wall features – iPhone

Day 282 – Early Closing…

This mini-market in Oia, Santorini has seen better days. Given the up market touristy nature of the area (its where thousands flock every night to see the sunset), it’s surprising to see derelict buildings. Unless of course it’s been deliberately run down so it can be redeveloped into swish accommodation. Always a possibility…

Derelict building, Oia – iPhone

Day 244 – Thin Blue Line…

This building has been the Police Station in Whitchurch for over 150 years, but is now for sale as a result of ‘reorganization’ – a euphemism for cuts in a service that has seen a reduction of over 22,000 officers over the last 10 years… Latest government promises are to reverse these cuts, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Whitchurch Police Station – iPhone XR

Day 190 – Stairway To Heaven…?

Well, perhaps not – this would have been the fire escape from this old building here in town. The building is still in use, but fortunately not the upper floors, as I wouldn’t want to rely on this rusty relic in an emergency!

Rusty fire escape – iPhone XR