Day 274 – Needs TLC…

I’m always amazed at how some properties are just left abandoned and deteriorating for years on end, especially if they are in a fairly desirable location. This old house is in the centre of Whitchurch, close to the church and shops. Fancy a renovation project anyone?

Derelict house, Whitchurch – iPhone 11Pro

Day 244 – Thin Blue Line…

This building has been the Police Station in Whitchurch for over 150 years, but is now for sale as a result of ‘reorganization’ – a euphemism for cuts in a service that has seen a reduction of over 22,000 officers over the last 10 years… Latest government promises are to reverse these cuts, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Whitchurch Police Station – iPhone XR

Day 162 – Another Rainy Day…

So I didn’t really want to go out, but had some chores to do, and we needed food! I pass this barn quite often, and have photographed it in different weather conditions, but never as wet as this… It was always going to have to be a mono shot.

Barn, Whitchurch – SonyA6300 & 16-50mm