Day 31 – Steaming Along…

– Well, not exactly. Today’s adventures included a trip to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse – the last surviving roundhouse of its kind in the UK. The locomotives on display (both steam and diesel) are mostly static, although we were lucky enough to see ‘Tornado’ – the 2008 built ‘A1 Peppercorn Pacific’ loco, here for some maintenance. An interesting evening’s photography, but tricky in such low light. Hopefully I’ll get to post some photos on my main blog –

Barrow Hill Roundhouse – iPhone XR

Day 10 – What a Difference…

… a day makes. After the glorious sunset yesterday, today’s weather couldn’t have been any different. It started off dull and overcast, then a heavy mist with drizzle seemed to overtake the whole landscape, blotting everything out and making driving difficult. Let’s hope for better tomorrow.

Whitmore Church – iPhone XR