Day 16 – No Water Shortage Here…

Driving up to Doncaster today to see a relative in hospital, I decided to make a short detour to Lumsdale Falls on the edge of the Peak District. As seems usual each time I go there, it was raining, but this made for some nice highlights on the rocks. I took a few shots with my phone, but the Sony A7iii comes into it’s own with a subject like this.

Lumsdale Falls – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm


Day 9 – At The End Of The Day…

This afternoon saw me at The Roaches, the southern-most point of the Peak District National Park, and closest spot to us. Although cloud was forecast, there was just enough clear sky to make a decent sunset photo. I have a couple of good iPhone shots, but my Sony camera really excels in these conditions.

The Roaches – Sony A7iii & 16-35mm lens