Day 35 – Home Sweet Home…

Most of the narrow boats we see along the canal near here are either hired out for holidays/vacations, or belong to people using them for business. However, these few are permanent homes – the boats don’t move from one year to another, and some of the residents have created gardens alongside the tow path, complete even with sheds in some cases!

Houseboats, Market Drayton – iPhone XR

Day 33 – Don’t Be Fooled…

… by the sunshine. It’s a lot colder here than it looks – barely above freezing today. In the summer we’ll have the doors open and be sitting outside our little ‘gin palace’ at the top of the garden, enjoying the views and a G&T, but for now it’s all closed up against the elements.

Margaret’s Gin Palace – iPhone XR

Day 26 – Is It Spring Yet…?

Snowdrops are one of the first signs of Spring in the garden, although they appear to have emerged even earlier than usual. They are pretty hardy though, so should survive the cold days still in store for us over the next month or so…

Snowdrops – Sony A7iii & 50mm macro