Day 164 – On The Move…

A ‘wrinklies’ day out – off to the Good Food Show in Birmingham, so a good excuse to go by train. Makes a change from using the car, even if it does take longer, and we had to stand part of the way back as the train was over-full… Still, a great day out overall, and here is the obligatory railway photo.

Virgin train at Stafford – iPhone XR

Day 148 – All Aboard…

Albrighton is typical of one of our small local railway stations. It only gets a few trains stop here a day, and is unmanned – you get your ticket to travel from a machine… This is a local service, bringing folks home from work or shopping.

Albrighton station – iPhone XR

Day 127 – Good Morning World…

This was the sun coming up at the ungodly hour of 530am today. With no trains running over the Bank Holiday, our weekend guests needed to catch the 622am train back to London in time for work today… I’m up early most days, but not usually this early!

Sunrise, nr Loggerheads – Sony A6300