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Retired and living in Shropshire with a camera.

Day 227 – Words Of Wisdom…

You can’t argue with the logic or the sentiment, even if it wasn’t that warm today! Sign outside a pub in Newport, Shropshire.

Sign outside pub – Fujifilm X100F

Day 226 – A Stately Pile…

Stokesay Castle near Ludlow is one of the finest surviving medieval fortified homes in England. It was built around 1285 by a wealthy local wool merchant, and remained in the same family for almost 400 years. It is currently owned by English Heritage and is open to the public.

Stokesay Castle – iPhone XR

Day 224 – Pot Of Gold…

The rather unsettled weather just lately has seen storms, heavy rain, strong winds and sunshine all in the same day, and today has been no exception. Late this afternoon a sharp shower followed by bright sunshine created this beautiful rainbow over the fields around us.

Rainbow panorama – iPhone XR

Day 222 – Job Finished…

In between the showers and high winds over the last few days, I’ve been cleaning our terrace area of the black algae that has made it a bit of an eyesore. Finished off by installing a rather nice pot stand which hides the pipes etc of the outdoor watering system. Looks much better now!

Pot stand & plants – iPhone XR