Day 71 – What A Difference…

… a day makes. Yesterday was chilly, but with blue skies and bright sunshine, very much a spring day. Today however is even colder, the sky is dull grey, and it’s raining pretty hard just now. Those hardy souls venturing out are all carrying umbrellas. Feels more like November than March!

Cheshire Street, Market Drayton – iPhone XR

Day 36 – Tennis anyone…?

The hardy folks around here play tennis outdoors all year round. With three all weather courts, they even play through the winter, just as long as the playing surface isn’t too icy. This morning it was just 3.5°C, but the ladies were out there practicing as usual…

MD Tennis Club – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 28 – Don’t Be Fooled…

After the really miserable weather yesterday, today has been beautiful and sunny (but cold), culminating in this colourful sunset… However, the forecast is not promising – sleet and snow are expected over the next two days, and with travel disruption expected, my plans for the rest of the week look to be in jeopardy.

Peatswood sunset – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens