Day 99 – A Royal Benefactor…

44 High Street, Nantwich, Cheshire, better known as ‘Queen’s Aid House’. Built in 1583 by one Thomas Cleese after a fire destroyed much of the town, it’s name reflects the help given by Queen Elizabeth 1 in raising funds to rebuild the town. Currently used as a cafe, it’s also been a shop and a private dwelling during its 400+ year history.

Queen’s Aid House, Nantwich – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 97 – A Bridge To Nowhere…

This old stone bridge used to carry the A41 road over the River Meese near Newport, Shropshire, and dates back to the early 19th Century. It was bypassed in the 1950s by a pre-stressed concrete bridge and is now protected as a Grade II listed structure.

Standford Bridge, Newport- iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 96 – Looking Back…

Interesting day today at the Black Country Museum. A group photo shoot with some Victorian ‘re-enactors’ meant lots of period style photos were possible. I have hundreds of shots to go through, but this is an early favourite

Re-enactor, Black Country Museum – Sony A7iii & 85mm f1.8

Day 92 – A Woodland Walk

Although much of the land around here is given over to agriculture (mainly dairy cattle), we are fortunate to have a reasonable amount of ‘open access’ land close by. It’s mostly mixed woodland and an excellent place for quiet reflection. This is Maer Hills, just a 10 min drive from home.

Maer Hills, nr Market Drayton – iPhone XR

Day 90 – You Looking At Me…?

The fields around our house are home to around 700 Freisian dairy cattle. Their main diet is grass, but as well as maize, the farmer also grows ‘winter beet’, and the cows get to eat it through the spring until there is enough grass for them to graze. Whenever I wander up the garden, they always take an interest…

Inquisitive cows, Peatswood – Sony A7iii & 24-105mm

Day 89 – Don’t Drink It…

… all at once! Yesterday was my birthday, and as well as some other lovely gifts, I had these three bottles of gin! Pink Pepper is definitely my favorite, but who doesn’t love Monkey 47? Conker Gin is from Dorset where we spent the last few days, and this one is Navy Strength so 57% proof – wow, that’s strong!

Birthday gin! – iPhone XR