Day 223 – Double Trouble…

We had these two monkeys staying with us overnight, and for supper they were making their own pizzas. Total carnage in the kitchen!

Pizza twins – iPhone XR

Day 220 – Chicken Tonight…

Our take on Beer Can Chicken… Chicken was rubbed with Jack Daniels BBQ glaze, and allowed to marinate for a couple of hours before being set up on the BBQ with cola instead of beer inside. With vegetables around the outside and the grill running at around 180°, it took about an hour and a half to cook and was delicious!

BBQ Chicken- iPhone XR

Day 106 – Red or White?…

A very tasty pasta, salmon and broccoli bake for supper tonight, thanks to my better half. Custom suggests white wine with fish dishes, but other than for a lunchtime aperitif on a sunny day, I much prefer red, so red it was… What’s your preference?

Salmon pasta bake – iPhone XR