Day 193 – Yummy…!

We both added a few extra pounds due to excellent food while we were on holiday, so it’s time to start eating healthily again… This tasted better than perhaps it looks in the photo – a halloumi cheese salad with nectarines, pine nuts and a sweet dressing.

Halloumi Salad – iPhone XR

Day 105 – Green Fingers?…

After a lack of interest over the last couple of years, I think I may have found my gardening mojo again… I’m certainly no expert, but it’s very satisfying to see stuff growing from seed in the greenhouse and garden. We have geraniums, sunflowers, dahlias, sweet peas, gazanias and nasturtiums all on the way, while vegetables include onions, courgettes, beans, carrots, and then salad leaves, cucumbers and tomatoes… Watch this space!

Greenhouse crops – iPhone XR