Day 80 – A Tall Story…

I drive past this patch of woodland quite often, but rarely stop and explore. Today I had a few minutes to kill, so wandered through. Spring hasn’t really had any impact as yet, very few leaves on the trees, and the woodland floor is mostly dead leaves and ferns. Another couple of months and it’ll all change.

Woodland, Loggerheads – iPhone XR & Moment w/a

Day 71 – What A Difference…

… a day makes. Yesterday was chilly, but with blue skies and bright sunshine, very much a spring day. Today however is even colder, the sky is dull grey, and it’s raining pretty hard just now. Those hardy souls venturing out are all carrying umbrellas. Feels more like November than March!

Cheshire Street, Market Drayton – iPhone XR

Day 48 – Is It Still Winter…?

The rather cooler weather now we are back in England came as a bit of a shock after our glorious week in Gran Canaria ☀️☀️. However, the crocuses in the garden obviously reckon that Spring is on the way… A chance too to try the new 58mm lens converter for my phone.

Crocuses – iPhone XR & 58mm Moment lens.

Day 26 – Is It Spring Yet…?

Snowdrops are one of the first signs of Spring in the garden, although they appear to have emerged even earlier than usual. They are pretty hardy though, so should survive the cold days still in store for us over the next month or so…

Snowdrops – Sony A7iii & 50mm macro