Day 66 – It’s A Long Time…

Clock making in Shropshire dates back to 1690 when William Joyce established a firm making long-case clocks in Cockshutt. They moved to Whitchurch in 1790, and to the building below in 1904. The company closed some years ago, but the building has been preserved and is now used as an auction house.

William Joyce building, Whitchurch – iPhone XR

Day 19 – A Wartime Relic…

These few rusted sheets of corrugated iron are all that remains of the former army camp at Prees, near Whitchurch. Originally a WW1 training camp, an airfield was also built nearby at the beginning of WW2, and it later became a Prisoner of War camp. After the war it served as housing for Polish refugees and army families before being closed and abandoned in the 1950s.

Prees Camp, nr Whitchurch – iPhone XR