Day 237 – End Of Season…

It’s late August, so coming to the end of the lavender season in England. We have a lavender ‘farm’ near us, and not only is it their last day of the season tomorrow, but the business is closing because the owners are retiring. The lavender fields may not match Provence, but there was still a decent photo to be had.

Shropshire Lavender – Fujifilm X100F

Day 233 – Rise And Shine…

I was awake even earlier than usual this morning and around 6am saw that the light was promising. Grabbed shoes and my camera and walked the few yards to the farm gate nearby. Just time to snatch a few shots before the sun came up fully and the beautiful colours disappeared.

Peatswood sunrise – Fujifilm X100F

Day 224 – Pot Of Gold…

The rather unsettled weather just lately has seen storms, heavy rain, strong winds and sunshine all in the same day, and today has been no exception. Late this afternoon a sharp shower followed by bright sunshine created this beautiful rainbow over the fields around us.

Rainbow panorama – iPhone XR