Day 68 – Blast From The Past…

Built in 1753, the Sandbrook Vaults (pub) is a Grade II listed building, one of the oldest surviving in Market Drayton. This used to be the main road through the town.

Sandbrook Vaults, Market Drayton – iPhone XR & Moment w/a

Day 53 – The Best Camera…

… is the one you have with you. So true! Came downstairs just before 7am today, and saw the makings of a great sky. Knowing it would likely only last a few minutes at most, I pulled some shoes and a coat on, and grabbed my phone and wide angle converter lens, and took the 2 minute walk across the fields. This is what I saw… If I had stopped to get my ‘real’ camera and tripod etc, I would certainly have missed it – it only lasted a few seconds longer as the sun rose and washed out the colours.

Peatswood, Market Drayton – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 49 – Our Little ‘Monkey’…

Met up with our 10 year old granddaughter today. Good opportunity to catch up after our week away, and also to try out the Moment 58mm iPhone lens converter in portrait mode. Love the perspective a ‘longer’ lens gives, and of course the ability of the iPhone XR to ‘adjust ‘ the effective depth of focus after the event.

Daisy-Mae – iPhone XR & 58mm converter lens

Day 48 – Is It Still Winter…?

The rather cooler weather now we are back in England came as a bit of a shock after our glorious week in Gran Canaria ☀️☀️. However, the crocuses in the garden obviously reckon that Spring is on the way… A chance too to try the new 58mm lens converter for my phone.

Crocuses – iPhone XR & 58mm Moment lens.

Day 36 – Tennis anyone…?

The hardy folks around here play tennis outdoors all year round. With three all weather courts, they even play through the winter, just as long as the playing surface isn’t too icy. This morning it was just 3.5°C, but the ladies were out there practicing as usual…

MD Tennis Club – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens

Day 28 – Don’t Be Fooled…

After the really miserable weather yesterday, today has been beautiful and sunny (but cold), culminating in this colourful sunset… However, the forecast is not promising – sleet and snow are expected over the next two days, and with travel disruption expected, my plans for the rest of the week look to be in jeopardy.

Peatswood sunset – iPhone XR & Moment w/a lens